"People’s Choice Award for Best Workout Facility in the Portland Review & Observer"!

We established our Wellness Center in 2007 to meet the community's need to stay fit & healthy. Since then, we have been repeatedly voted Portland's Best Exercise Facility, including in 2017!

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People’s Choice Winner for Physical Therapy in Portland MI.

Promoting Community Health since 2007

Our Wellness Center is furnished with top of the line fitness equipment for cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance. We offer treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, dumbbells, and machine weights.

We pride ourselves on the gym's cleanliness and friendliness!

Drop by for a quick tour.

Refer a Friend & Receive a 1/2 Hour Massage!

Keep Healthy After Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Congratulations on overcoming the aches & pains that kept you from doing what you want to do! Now the ball is in your hands to continue to build on your strength and health.

Also, we can provide you with our professional recommendations with exercise choices and exercise modifications based on past surgeries, past injuries, and general medical history.

If needed, we are more than happy to establish a baseline routine on which you can progress.

Cardio Treadmills.
Weight Machines Exercise..
Weight Machine Exercises.


Massage Therapy

With the busy lives we lead we could all benefit from a little stress management. More Americans are turning to therapeutic massage to provide relaxation and relieve tension associated with the stress of daily lives or simply to maintain good health and achieve a balanced lifestyle. At HSPT Wellness Center our well-trained massage therapists will design an effective customized massage treatment to fit your needs – and let’s not forget how great it feels to be treated by a professional massage therapist!

Our rates:
• $30 for a half hour
• $55 for an hour

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