3 Things to Keep in Mind Immediately After Your Joint Replacement Surgery


Over the last 20 years of successfully rehabilitating people after their Joint Replacement Surgeries we have learned quite a bit about what it takes to get things right. 

Here are 3 Things to keep in mind right after your Joint Replacement Surgery:

1. START MOVING ASAP. The best results we have had are with people who have started their Joint Replacement Surgery Rehab 3-5 days after surgery; this especially applies for hip and knee replacements. Early rehab reduces the odds of your joint getting stiff due to either swelling or build-up of scar tissue. Of course, check with your surgeon prior to surgery to see if it is a good idea to schedule ahead your first Outpatient Physical Therapy appointment 3-5 after your date of surgery. Most surgeons will likely be happy see you get into an effective Joint Replacement Surgery Rehab program ASAP.


2. ONE BIG RISK WITH ANY OPERATION IS THE RISK OF INFECTION. Making sure the incision is clean and covered (most of the time) during the first 1-2 weeks after your surgery can reduce the odds of an infection. The main signs of an infection include:

  1. Red streaks down the site of the incision (especially for Total Knee/Hip Replacements)
  2. Foul smelling drainage from the incision site
  3. Fever - temperature of 100.5ºF or higher
  4. Worsening pain
  5. Increasing redness, warmth, tenderness and swelling at the involved joint
  6. Chills
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3. ICE ICE BABY. Swelling can be the biggest impediment to being able to move your new Joint Replacement. Keep it iced as much a tolerable. If it is a Knee Replacement surgery, then use ice packs in front of AND behind the knee. Also, it helps to have your limb elevated while icing it. Ice Machines can also work really well in the first 2 weeks after Joint Replacement Surgery to keep the swelling under control. Check with your doctor to see if your insurance will cover one, if not then ask around to see if someone is willing to lend you their machine.

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Medical technology is progressing at an incredible rate. Today, joint replacements are performed at numerous joints including knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, and more.

"I started going to Health Source physical therapy after a total hip replacement surgery November 2017. The staff is professional and personal and made all the difference in my recovery." - Maridean (Check out the full review here)

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding your Rehabilitation after Joint Replacement Surgery.

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