Powerful Research Findings About What Really Contributes to Back Pains (especially in women)

This presentation by pain researcher, Dr. Noor Abdal, summarizes and contextualizes some very powerful research findings about what really contributes to Back Pains (especially in women).

Some really great (and shocking!) highlights from Dr. Abdal's presentation:

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3 Things to Keep in Mind Immediately After Your Joint Replacement Surgery

Over the last 20 years of successfully rehabilitating people after their Joint Replacement Surgeries we have learned quite a bit about what it takes to get things right. 

Here are 3 Things to keep in mind right after your Joint Replacement Surgery...

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For people with MS, can exercise change the brain?

"Clearly, improvement in MS symptoms that seems related to exercise is reason to continue recommending physical activity for this condition. Supervised exercise may be helpful, with little chance of causing serious side effects. I think that in the future we will see more and more research into non-medication treatments of MS and other chronic diseases."

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Jay Boddu
Why Do I Get Dizzy When I Stand Up?

It happens every so often when you get up from your desk, or hop out of bed. You stand up suddenly and are met with a feeling of wooziness. In some cases, your vision gets splotchy, or you have to brace yourself until the dizziness passes—which it always does in a matter of seconds.

Experts have a name for this fleeting condition: initial orthostatic hypotension (OH). If you experience it now and then—and research suggests most people do—rest assured that, in most cases, it’s harmless.

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