Health Source has been proudly serving the Portland region since 2000. Our facility, which has grown since we first opened our doors, is now better equipped to serve more people than ever before.

Health Source has thrived for 17 years despite growing competition, significant events, and powerful forces against us:

  • A tornado ripped through Portland in 2015 disrupting lives and causing major damages to a number of business, including our clinic which suffered a major hit that shut down operations for 9 months. Nonetheless, we have regrouped & rebuilt, and are now a much stronger team than we were before!

  • Despite laws that give citizens of Michigan the right to choose their own Physical Therapist, hospitals and other healthcare companies have created monopolies by hiring their own PT's within their own systems & offices and nudging patients to stay within their system.

  • Large national chains have grown significantly in the last 10-15 years. Many of these chains are driven by venture capital money with the primary purpose of generating a strong investment return for their shareholders.

Even so, we forged ahead and opened our Wellness Center in 2007 to serve the community and our patients. Our facility has now been voted Portland's Best Exercise Facility in 2011 and 2017!

We believe that our success lies in our steadfast commitment in providing excellent care and attention to those seeking to live a life free from the sufferings of pain. Our focus has always been on helping you overcome the aches & pains keeping you from living the life that you want to live. That will not change.

Drop by, send us a message, or call (517-647-1000) to get to know us better!


To serve the community, believing in the benevolence of the Most Benevolent, striving for excellence in the professional service and care of the sick and needy for a healthy functioning.