Our rate of $100 per session is a significant discount to the $200+ that many hospital systems charge.

With many Insurance Plans skyrocketing their deductibles and co-pays, you have the opportunity to choose a higher value option at a more affordable cost of $100 per session compared to $200+.

Additionally, your therapist will be able to focus his/her energy and attention on your needs, instead of worrying about fulfilling Insurance Requirements.

tired of being limited by your insurance plan? 

These days many insurance plans require someone to "authorize" what you require for your health. Has this person ever met you? Spoken with you?

The answer is an obvious "NO".

Take hold of the steering wheel and determine your own healthcare needs. No more worries about being denied care that could help you return to life free from the sufferings of aches and pains.

can i pay for my physical therapy if i have medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare currently does not approve for self-pay option when it comes to Physical Therapy.

HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ENHANCING YOUR FUNCTION, THEN YOU MAY QUALIFY. As long as we will be addressing functions that are NOT deemed "Medically Necessary", then you have the option of paying for your wellness sessions.